Meall Mor,Loch Katrine.

18th January 2013.

A quick midweek foray in to the Trossachs for Meall Mor at the west end of Loch Katrine.We were away early both to avoid the rush hour traffic but also to get over to Paisley first of all to pick up Sandra,Renfrew for Alan and then the west end for Bob.I was knackered before we even got to the foot of the hill 🙂
On the way,my favourite Trossachs view,the Arrochar hills from the head of Loch Arklet.

Ben Vane

Needless to say the car park at Stronachlachar was deserted at this time on a midweek January morning.
Looking back west to the early morning light over Ben Venue.

Ben Venue

It was bitterly cold with a raw wind to further add to the misery.Hang on a minute,I was out in a midweek hill,it was dry and there was a blue sky above.It was a brilliant day 🙂

We had a three and a half mile walk along the water works road to Glengyle House and the easiest access point for the hill.

The Walk In.

A bit of a chequered history with regards to the house ranging from being Rob Roys birthplace to being purchased in about 2004 as a way of laundering drug money,allegedly 🙂  I see it has now changed hands again for £700,000.It was empty today but a peek through the windows showed that a considerable amount had been spent on the kitchen at least.

Glengyle House

We took a faint path up beside the deer fence towards the Sput Dubh waterfall before angling north westwards by the way of least resistance towards the summit crags.

Loch Katrine

On reaching the cliffs that girdled the plateau I opted for the nice looking gully that split the cliffs as it looked like I might get a bit of shelter from the wind.

Summit crags

Looking down from near the top of the gully.

View down summit gully

Alan with Beinn a`Choin behind him during a lull.


Beinn A`Choin

The bitter wind was soon whipping up the spindrift again.
One minute it was like this…..


….and then a moment of beautiful calm….


…before another pasting.


There wasn`t much picture taking at the summit needless to say.I took three and my fingers were fozen stiff.

An Caisteal and Beinn a`Chroin.


The crags on Parlan Hill on the left.


Over to Ben Lui in the distance.


It really was windy and cold.Two of the young guys in the club were on Ben Nevis this same day and couldn`t get to the foot of their route.
Graeme factored in the windchill and worked out it was minus 27 at one point below the summit.Bob had three balaclavas on 🙂 Managed to get some shaky footage from just below the cairn .

Back down the way we came.

way down

All that was left was the trek back along the loch side to the car in the fading light.
a last look back up at the crags and the ascent route.


All this just 30 miles from the house 🙂

Bullfinch stripping the buds from my tree the next morning.

Cheeky wee bugger 🙂

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2 Responses to Meall Mor,Loch Katrine.

  1. McEff says:

    I felt cold just reading that, Alex. Fantastic pictures. I particularly like the first one of Ben Vane with the patch of sunlight.
    Cheers, Alen

  2. -27 windchill… in April! 😮

    That gully looks scary in winter conditions – wasn’t it a front-pointing, twin-axes job?

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