Lake District Marilyns.

28 September 2012.

High Rigg.

Time for the annual jaunt southwards 🙂 We were booked in to the George Starkey Hut in Patterdale for two nights and with a good forecast for the  Friday Bob and I headed down early intending to pay a visit to the Derwent Fells. It was pretty miserable driving down the M74 and with no sign of it improving on the road from Penrith to Keswick we abandoned plans for a day on the higher tops. I like mountains but I`m not stupid 🙂 We spent a couple of hours browsing round second hand book shops waiting for the rain to subside. While it didn`t actually stop it eased off enough to encourage us to have a look at the map and implement a Plan B,adding to my Marilyn tally on nearby High Rigg.

Rather than taking the quick approach from St.Johns in the Vale Church we opted for a bit of a leg stretcher and parked up at Castlerigg stone circle.


From there we walked down the road a mile or so before heading off up a muddy path to Tewet Tarn which allegedly has some fine views over to the Blencathra direction.No for us today . It was beginning to brighten up out to the west ,relatively speaking though.


After a quick nip up Low Rigg we dropped down to the Church and immediately started off up a well made path heading for High Rigg.A heavy squall chased us off the summit and we abandoned plans for the entire ridge to Bridge End farm and turned west instead to Shaw Bank.

Summit before the squall.


Shaw Bank and High Rigg.


Things were looking up now on the weather front and we were treated to some nice light on the walk back to the car.



30th September 2012.

Little Mell Fell.

Torrential rain overnight and continuing into the next morning  had made driving pretty hazardous and our friend Cathy had only just made it out of the Lakes on her way back to London.Neither of us like walking in the rain with no views but it was so bad that there was something exciting about it 🙂  One of my few remaining  East Lakes Marilyns,Little Mell Fell, was handily placed on the way home . I never bothered taking my camera up the hill so here`s a couple of pics from Bob that sum it up 🙂

On the way up……

Alex.Little Mell Fell

…and at the top which as you can see is almost under water 🙂

Little Mell Fell

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4 Responses to Lake District Marilyns.

  1. That’s some wet looking top there!

  2. Carol says:

    Those last two photos from the High Rigg walk are lovely 🙂 Shame you didn’t get a view from Little Mell Fell – it’s the only thing it has going for it – a great view down Ullswater!

  3. The last comment was me but WordPress wasn’t recognising me yesterday – must’ve been ‘cos I’d been away for a while!

  4. McEff says:

    I agree with you on that point about the weather, Alex. I don’t see the point of walking in rain and mist, but when things get really, really bad it becomes quite enjoyable.
    Cheers, Alen

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