Sgurr Coire Choinnichean,Knoydart.

26th May 2012.

I needed a wee break from the blog and pc`s in general for a month or two.Promise to try and catch up this time 🙂

Thankfully we were going home today as I don`t think I could have taken much more of this heat 🙂 As it was we were up and away early to break the back of it before the sun got too high.Just a short day in prospect walking up Sgurr Coire Choinneachean which rises directly above Inverie. We had noticed the previous day that the obvious way up by the edge of the trees was in the shade of Beinn Bhuidhe opposite for a few hours each morning and as a result we enjoyed a fairly easy ascent until the sun hit us.

Looking over Inverie Bay to the Isle of Rum.


Back down to Long Beach where the tents were.


It`s a steep wee hill 🙂 Bob near the top of the ridge where it eases off a bit.


Lounged around the summit for an hour or so enjoying a light breeze 🙂

On the way back  down.


Just enough time for a paddle before dropping the tents and biking down to the pier.


It turned out that our rush for the boat was in vain as the Cap`n and his Mate had been overwhelmed by the need to “rehydrate” in the Old Forge thus leaving us to swelter for another hour underneath that bloody sun 🙂

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5 Responses to Sgurr Coire Choinnichean,Knoydart.

  1. McEff says:

    Perfect weather. Hard to believe. I haven’t had my coat off for three months, and that’s in the house.
    Cheers, Alen

  2. I think it’s a bit cruel really, posting all these lovely, summery pictures when it’s still below freezing outside………..

  3. Carol says:

    That ridge looks a bit fierce and scary.

    I like to see nice, warm pictures in winter – makes me feel a bit warmer!

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