Carn an Fhreiceadain.

3rd March 2012.

“There`s no such thing as a boring mountain” or so they say. Well,I give you Carn an Fhreiceadain as proof that there is πŸ™‚

If I hadn`t decided in December to get my finger out and finish my remaining Corbetts I`d never have considered going up this particular hill.As it was Bob and I were on our way to the LSCC hut at Milehouse for the weekend.The forecast was to perk up a little in the afternoon so we opted for a long lie and a late departure from Glasgow,timing our arrival at Kingussie for the predicted dry spell.It was dull and grey on the high tops so Bob sensibly decided to do a spot of Marilyn bagging on nearby Creag Bheag which seemed to be attracting it`s own little sunny weather system.He was still recovering from his accident and this was his first time up a hill for a few months.

We parted at the golf club and I set off up the land rover track keeping up a good pace until I reached the new bothy where I stopped for a smoke and to question the sanity of hill bagging πŸ™‚

The new bothy….

Halfway bothy.

DonnedΒ  the windproof jacket,looked out the gloves and hat for later on and set of again.Surprisingly,contrary to my map,the land rover track carried on all the way to the summit which was a blessing as I was wearing my trainers . Even more surprisingly,the cloud lifted just enough for a view of sorts πŸ™‚

Carn an Fhreiceadain.

Not for long though it would seem.!

“That long black cloud is coming down,feel I`m knockin` on heavens door..”

As I`d given Bob my car keys and arranged to meet him 5 hours after parting and it had only taken me 1hr 45 to the summit I now had time on my hands,so,decided to head over to a bothy I had last been in about 20 years ago.It had been in a rundown state then and I wondered how it had managed in the meantime.

Looking down on the bothy…..

Monadhliath bothy.

Well,surprise,surprise.It had a fairly new woodburning stove fitted πŸ™‚

New bothy stove.

The sun had by now made an appearance and I loitered around killing time before heading down the glen to meet up with Bob.

I had attempted this hill on a previous ocassion as it was the only one available due to the roads,other than the A9, being blocked by snow.Andy,Gordon and I set out with no great expectation of getting anywhere near the summit due to the depth of the drifting snow underfoot.

Gordon on the walk in near Pitmain Lodge…

Near Pitmain Lodge.

As we thought,once we got out into the open the going proved to be ridiculous.Have a laugh at Andy trying to make progress here πŸ™‚

The farmers had been out feeding the cows further down…..

Loch Insh later on…

Snow over Loch Insh.

Another wee clip at the bothy on Kingussie golf course on the way down.

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6 Responses to Carn an Fhreiceadain.

  1. Looks good in winter Alex, but skis would’ve made it a bit easier. This was a July 1997 Corbett for us so it must have been very wet in the west for us to be in this area. We quite enjoyed it though!

  2. Been a long time since I was on skis Gibson .Always struck me as being more dangerous than climbing πŸ™‚

  3. The postholing video’s funny! I had a day like that on Geal Charn Monadhliath!

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