Beinn Enaiglair and Meall Doire Faid.

4th February 2012.

Saturday morning dawned although it wasn`t obvious at first.Low cloud,strong winds and dark grey skies,not the kind of weather for me on the hills nowadays.I ran John,Martine and Craig up to the bottom of Quinag and dropped them off into the teeth of the gale force winds.Had a few stops on the way back down to the cottage at Elphin,one to take yet another pic of Ardvreck Castle …..

Ardvreck Castle.

…… and one to bag the Fundamental Bench Mark at Ledmore Junction  🙂

Ledmore fundamental bench mark.

Pottered around the hut and had a breakfast for once before we,Graeme and I,decided to head out west in search of some better weather.Lochinver was miserable and didn`t have much to offer as the pie shop was closed so we carried on out for a walk around the beach at Achmelvich.It was indeed a bit brighter here although still pretty windy…

Achmelvich beach.

In the distant past I remembered an old miniature castle somewhere around the nearby headland so we toddled off to have a look for it accompanied by two sheep who had taken a fancy to us.It`s usually the other way round in these parts I`m told 🙂

Curious sheep.

Sure enough,as we rounded the headland,the wee castle was still there….

Hermits castle at Achmelvich.

We were then rather rudely interrupted by a text message from the Quinag party indicating that they would like to be picked up and driven back to Elphin as,being February,there was no chance of them hitching a lift back.As we walked back across the headland a lovely rainbow had settled over the beach at Achmelvich…

Rainbow over Achmelvich beach.

5th February 2012.

Sunday dawned in a much more agreeable fashion and we all headed down towards the Beinn Dearg group.John,Martine,Craig and I went for a walk up Beinn Enaiglair above Braemore Junction,Graham departed for Am Faochagach and Graeme went for a kip in the car .  Well,he`s almost finished his 3rd round of Munros and done his last Corbett a few years back so he can afford to be choosy about the weather I suppose 🙂

I had set off in a rush and left my camera in the car so only have a couple of phone shots from Craig for this hill.

Martine and I nearing the summit of Beinn Enaiglair….

Beinn Enaiglair.

Wasn`t  bad day but not one to linger at the cairn.Nobody seemed to mind when I suggested going back to the car via Meall Doire Faid,the nearby Graham.They didn`t mind too much either when the clag came down unlike my usual hill partner 🙂
Martine,myself and John heading up the ramp on Meall Doire Faid…

Ramp on Meall Doire Faid.

We met up at the Aultguish Inn which seems to be under new ownership again,had various combinations of beer,cake and tea before heading of south for the long drive home.

Now with camera back in my paws again I took a pic of Ben Wyvis outside the Aultguish…

Ben Wyvis.

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4 Responses to Beinn Enaiglair and Meall Doire Faid.

  1. McEff says:

    That curious sheep picture creeps up on you unexpectedly when you cursor down. I think it might give me nightmares.
    Alen McF

  2. Thought it was a very beautiful sheep myself actually – nicely proportioned face and sturdy looking legs. (Some breeds seem to have legs that look like sticks.) Reminded me of a Father Ted episode too…

  3. It was all a bit weird.Two of them decided to come for a walk with myself and Graeme and were actually nuzzling us at one stage.More like somebodys pets it seemed.

  4. The sheep just hoped you were going to feed them…

    That ramp looks steep for snowy weather! 😮

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