Carn Chuinneag.

3rd February 2012

A quick catch up post.

I slept in for the first time in my life 🙂 So,instead of a 6am departure it was 7.30am before Graeme and I got away.A 240 mile drive up the road to Bonar Bridge and then the final 10 miles up Strathcarron meant that we didn`t arrive until shortly before 1pm. Through the grounds of the lodge,past the tennis court,and we were soon on the land rover track up Glencalvie heading to the foot of Carn Chuinneag.The ground was like frozen solid and unyielding underfoot but the pain was alleviated by the surrounding scenery.

Soon reached the start of the ridge above Diebidale lodge.The lodge with Ben More Assynt in the background…

There was an excellent stalkers path but sections of it were worse than useless with a covering of sheet water ice.It made sense to just go straight uphill as the peat bogs were frozen solid 🙂

Cul Mor from the ridge…

Graeme with the deep trench of Glen Diebidale below…

Over to the Ben Dearg range….

Given the late start the sun was now low out to the west by the time we reached the western top.

Carn Chuinneag west top.

The route over to the higher top out to the east.You can just make out Graeme right of centre.

It was freezing 🙂

We made a beeline straight down in the twilight to the land rover track which we reached just as darkness fell and were surprised by a pair of headlights behind us.It was the stalker who kindly gave us a lift back down the glen for four miles to the car 🙂 We rounded the day off with a visit to one of Scotlands finest curry shops in Bonar Bridge before driving across to Elphin to meet up with the others later that night .

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3 Responses to Carn Chuinneag.

  1. What a beautiful looking day – I had to check if it was recent and then realised it was back in February! Mind you I still kept hearing about snow in Scotland on this week’s weather forecasts…

  2. I was on Rum for 3 days this week Dixie and there was no snow at all.On the Loch Lomondside hills today looking up towards Crianlarich they had a fair old covering.Lovely day although my wee legs are feeling it after about 12,000 ft of ascent in the last 6 days 🙂

  3. I’ve never managed to get offered a lift off estate staff – I’m jealous!

    Great photos,

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