Garbh Bheinn,Kinlochleven.

7th January 2012

Okay,okay,I`m a wee bit behind with this blog 🙂

The forecast for the weekend was absolutely dire.! We drove down Glen Etive on the Friday night and found the turn off for Inbhirfhaolain but the track in was totally blocked by fallen trees,a residue of the previous weeks storms.We floundered through mud and broken branches with no sign of the track to be had at all before catching a glimpse of a window light.Was only about 30 yards but in the pitch black must have taken ten minutes 🙂

Picture taken the next morning…

fallen trees

Much malingering took place on the Saturday morning before the Polish section departed into the clag bound for the Wee Buachaille.Others departed back to their beds 🙂 Being made of sterner stuff however the elderly section,John B. and myself, decided to seek out better weather elsewhere. We thought we`d drive around to see what it looked like at Loch Leven and if it was much the same there then we would pay a visit to our pal Jamie for coffee.On the way up Glen Etive we were flagged down by a rain sodden Andy who blagged a lift with us.Glencoe was as black as the Earl of Hells waistcoat as we drove through.The wind was howling and the rain was bad enough to have the wipers on at double speed.On turning east again from Glencoe village things appeared to be a bit brighter round there so plan A was put into action….Garbh Bheinn.

We parked at the foot of the north west ridge and set off.The forecast had stated that “mobility would be problematical” but it wasn`t that bad.Andy though couldn`t face the prospect of his second soaking of the day so hightailed it back down after a few hundred feet to walk into the Ice Factor.It was a bit on the windy side but we could still manage a conversation between us without too much difficulty and the weather wasn`t desperate.

Down Loch Leven past the Pap of Glencoe….

Pap of Glencoe

Higher up we had reasonable views of the seldom seen side of the Aonach Eagach.Here`s the jaggy bit 🙂

Aonach Eagach

Over to the Mamores…..


It did get a bit windier as we neared the summit but nothing that was going to impede our Corbett tally 🙂

Garbh Bheinn summit

Back down the ridge again and Sgorr na Ciche was still in the same place despite the MWIS warning of mountains being blown out into the Atlantic 🙂

Loch Leven

Jumped into the car and headed along to the Ice Factor,picking up Andy on route,and in for a coffee.Jamie was away on a  trip so we lounged about for an hour before heading back to the hut via a stop at the Clachaig for a pint 😀

Here`s a better view from the Sgorr na Ciche ( the Pap ) from November 2010 on a superb day.


It was good to meet up with Silke again over on a flying visit from Switzerland for the weekend.In fact it was a bit of an international meet with four Poles,one German and half an Italian.Half an Italian because she is only a wee wummin 🙂

Pic from Gordon.

International meet

Must admit that the new Polish Ladies section brought a new dimension to our meets with their colourfully coordinated clothing and designer weekend bags.

Polish model

It kinda takes me out of my comfort zone though.I`m more at ease with the traditional Scottish approach of our home grown ladies section who transport their gear in an assortment of plastic bags :D

Scottish Wummin.

Not a bad weekend despite the forecast,but then,it never is…

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4 Responses to Garbh Bheinn,Kinlochleven.

  1. I remember January – wind, rain, gales and pre-broken leg……

  2. Ouch! is that hill as steep as it looks? 😮

    Great photo of Loch Level and also the dark side of the Aonach Eagach – a side I know well as that’s the way I did the middle Munro! 😉

  3. Where the Fatdog Walks says:

    I remember looking at this one from the Pap thinking that I must get around to it sometime. One for better weather…and someone with a chainsaw…I think. Good to see you writing again Alex. 😀

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