Carn na Drochaide,Morven and Conachcraig.

Carn na Drochaide: 2nd December 2011.

What with one thing and another Bob and I didn`t get away until late on the Friday morning the result being that I didn`t set off up the hill until 2pm 😯 Given the weather Bob opted for a sheltered walk through the Scots pines up Glen Quoich while I started off up the Corbett.The cloud was lowering and the wind was something ridiculous.So bad that I couldn`t have my customary summit fag πŸ˜€
Straight up to the cairn with the wind behind me.I took what shelter the cairn offered,which wasn`t much, sorted out the beard flap and dragged out the mountain hat and turned around into the wind to descend.Had my mitts over my eyes to protect them from the whipping effects of the spindrift so could only see a few yards in front of me.Given the weather,the fact that it was midweek and getting dark I was surprised to bump into some guy still on his way upΒ  😯 Had a quick word with him and then raced down the hill where Bob was sitting in the car waiting.Arrived at the hut about ten minutes before Neil dropped in after his night at Bob Scotts bothy.No photos because I wasn`t taking my gloves off and the wind was awful πŸ˜€

Morven: 3rd December 2011.

Once again Bob opted for the low level option when getting out of the car and feeling the wind.Maybe I`ll be as sensible one day πŸ˜€ So,Jools,John B.and meself headed up from Milton of Whitehouse up the east ridge.It was a bit on the blowy side again though not as bad as the previous day.Nothing special about this hill so we had a natter all the way up and down.

Going up…

Morven east ridge.

John B. and Jools at the top at the top…

Morven summit cairn.

Going down…

Descending the east ridge of Morven.

Too windy for much in the way of photos though Beinn a`Bhuird was looking good to the west.Rounded the day off by a visit to the Burn o`Vat and then a few pints in Ballater πŸ˜€

The entrance to the Burn o`Vat…

Entrance to the Burn o`Vat.

Inside the Burn o`Vat..

Inside the Burn o`Vat.

Conachcraig: 4th December 2011.

Although I`m in a mountaineering club it`s more of a loose association of friends than anything formal.Everyone does their own thing at our winter meets whether it be climbing,hillwalking or whatever.I can`t remember the last time a bunch of us went up a hill in crocodile fashion and I have no idea as to why it happened this time but it did.Having said that we were prety much strung out on the hill.Some of the company were petty much strung out the previous evening as well πŸ™‚

Lochnagar from the car park..

Lochnagar from the car park.

There was small holdup at the first stream crossing whilst one or two of our less nimble friends ( no names ) had a little difficulty with the icy rocks so I took the opportunity of rushing on ahead and leaving them to their own devices πŸ™‚ The path was pretty icy but nevertheless I made good time up to the high point below Lochnagar.The wind once again was a touch on the bitter side and not fancying hanging around there I carried on up the south ridge of the Corbett and found a sheltered cranny amongst the tors to wait for the next folk up.

Lochnagar from Conachcraig.

Eventually John B arrived and posed….


Like the previous day it was very windy and hard to hold a camera still.Looking over to Beinn a`Bhuird….

Beinn a`Bhuird

Wandered over to the northern top with Craig and John before doubling back to meet up with the others.Craig and I then descended down over Carn nan Daimh.

Descending to Glen Muick.

Carn na Daimh

An interesting chat on the way down about his 2 years with the VSO in Namibia and we were soon back at my car where I had a one hour wait for Bob to return from his trip up Lochnagar while the rest of them headed off for coffee and scones in Ballater πŸ™‚

All that was left was the drive back home over the Devils Elbow.Bob taking photos as usual…

The Devils Elbow.

I usually add about five new Corbetts a year but these three took me up to the grand total of ten for 2011.I should really get my foot down and finish them but there are so many other hills that need a good bagging as well πŸ™‚

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8 Responses to Carn na Drochaide,Morven and Conachcraig.

  1. writesofway says:

    Brrrr. Too chilly for hanging around waiting for other folk, eh? What do you usually smoke on a hilltop, Alex?

    I’ve never been a bagger, so I’ve no idea how many Corrbetts there are… soooo, how many are there and how many have you got to go?

    Also, seeing as Marilyns’ got their name as a riposte to Munros, isn’t about time someone gathered together the very smallest hills and called them Ronnies?

    Sorry, bet I’m not the first neither…

    • Smoking is restricted to legal stuff nowadays I`m afraid πŸ™‚
      They changed the number of Corbetts last year to 221 I think.Whatever it is I`ve got 49 left.
      Might be taking the boat in to do Ben Aden if you fancy a camp at the head of Loch Quoich once the sun returns Pete ?
      There seems to be a new list every month nowadays.I stoop no lower than the Humps ( hundred metre prominence…. just under 3,000 of them ) and of course my beloved trig points.
      There are apparently 16,652 hills on the database if you lower your sights to 30 metre prominence.
      Feeling sleepy now ? πŸ™‚

      • writesofway says:

        I wasn’t casting aspersions there, Alex, just wondering if you were a roll-up or straight cigarette man. I sometimes wish I still smoked myself!

        As for Ben Aden, I’m always game, Alex, and camping at the head of Loch Quoich sounds good to me. Somewhere closer to home before the sun returns though…

  2. Sweeping views and a nice dusting of white stuff on the top – liked the look of that bit of shelter at the Morven summit cairn too.
    I’ve even googled the Burn o’Vat and been educated yet again…

    • The funny thing about the Cairngorms is that the most scenic walking tends to be around the bottom of the corries although the sweeping grandeur on the tops is somewhat akin to the mighty Southern Uplands πŸ™‚
      Burn o`Vat is well worth a visit and I`m sure the boundless opportunities to get wet and muddy would go down well with the canine members of your entourage πŸ™‚

      • Where the Fatdog Walks says:

        Know what Know what you mean about the Gorms Alex…I want to go back to explore the pinewoods and some of those deep gorges that lurk behind. They were always bypassed on the march up the hill. Time to rectify that. πŸ˜€

  3. Burn o’Vat is a pretty cool place, well worth checking out.

    Conachcraig was my first ever Corbett several years ago. The plan was to do Lochnagar but there must have been around 80-100 people ahead of us on the ascent already. Not my idea of hill-walking. It was early February and once off the broken snow trail, we were up to our thighs and even our waists in places on the ascent of Conachcraig. It was this day that made me realise that there was much more to enjoy than just the munros in hillwalking Scotland.
    Great views over to Lochnagar itself and complete solitude.

  4. I discovered Burn o’ Vat on my first visit to the Braemar area (pretty much my favourite area of Scotland) as I was up there with my parents and we went ‘touristing’ with them one day (must have not been a great day for the hill). It’s a superb place – your photos of it are great πŸ™‚

    Haven’t done any Corbetts round there yet and probably won’t next year but hope to start doing them, and some more bothying, Lairig/glen walking etc the year after.

    Know exactly what you mean about not bothering with photos when it’s a nasty windchill and you’d need to take your gloves off!

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