Sierra de Torremolinos.

10th to 15th November 2011.

A five day trip to Spain with Ryanair for £40 wasn`t to be sniffed at 🙂

It was too warm to bother with the hills on the first three days and my plans to hire a car and pay another visit to the spectacular Sierra de Torcal were snookered because all the local car hire shops were shut and I couldn`t be bothered going to the airport to get one so instead I just pottered around.Took a few pictures,well,over a hundred if the truth be told,of the sun rising each morning…

Sunrise from Casa de la Bruja

Monday was grey and overcast with heavy rain due in the afternoon so I hopped on the train to Malaga for a walk around.Started up the road to the hill on which the castle stands but noticed a small path going up through the trees.It soon became obvious by the graffiti that I was in the middle of a gay dogging site so it was with some relief ( no,not that kind you smutty lot  🙂 ) that I encountered the castle wall . The Scotsman in me couldn`t bring myself to fork out the admission fee and anyway,my pleasures tend to be of the free variety and I went off through the woods again to try and add something new to my European bird list .Nothing new to be seen however.The forecast thunderstorm was arriving bang on time so I hared down the hill back to Malaga where I thought I would gain refuge in the Cathedral there.No Christian spirit on display here as they wanted a load of Euro for entrance.My entreaty of “blessedo are los pobres” was met by a bemused stare 🙂  It was with great glee however that I came across a bar whose owner had stuck the finger up to the anti smoking laws.Had a couple of beers and a smoke until it died down and headed for the train back to Casa de la Bruja.

Tuesday was flight home day but by now I was in possession of a half price voucher for el cable caro up to the summit of Mount Calamorro.Alas,the first one didn`t depart until 11am…no wonder the country is going to the dogs :D Anyway at least I was to have a short walk along the ridge.I headed down the west ridge of Mount Calamorro and set off towards Cerro del Morro above Fuengirola which is just out of shot on the left in this pic

Ridge from Calamorro

Looking back to Mount Calamorro….

Mount Calamorro

It was a good well made path,a sort of balcony trail ….

Balcony Trail

It soon became obvious that I was never going to get there and back in time for the flight.Plan B of dropping down to Fuengirola and catching the train back was also looking a bit dodgy.The sunlit peak in the middle was my limit…

View along the ridge

I turned my attention instead to a small outlier by the name of Pico Guerrero.I don`t reckon this gets many ascents because it was a bit of a thrash through jaggy scrub and head high vegetation.Things improved though as I gained height and it was a case of boulder hopping on the limestone up to the summit which was crowned by a tree.

Pico Guerrero

I had time to spare now so sat around for an hour and watched a big black cloud of the economicus calamitus variety settle over Fuengirola…

Clouds over Fuengirola

I meandered back east along the ridge with some decent views to the north towards El Chorro area…..

View towards El Chorro area

….before tackling the slog back up Calamorro and down to catch the train back to Casa de la Bruja with just enough time to pack and get to the airport.

Casa de la Bruja


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9 Responses to Sierra de Torremolinos.

  1. You know I think you’re a secret cloudspotter like me…some of the most amazing ones I’ve ever seen have been when flying and the pilot’s been threading his way around thunderclouds, trying to avoid the most bumpy bits.

    I’ve never been to Spain, but looks like there’s plenty of good walking to be had. Pity you didn’t have much time on your trip but at least you have a ready-made excuse for regular visits to the Spanish hills, with relatives out there!

    • I do like clouds Chrissie.Endless blue sky is ok but gets a bit boring after a while for the camera.
      I usually go out a few times during the winter when the fleshpots of the Costa del Sol are more in keeping with my liking for peace and quiet 🙂

  2. nice to see a trip report from Spain. Have been meaning to plan something out there for a while when Im over photographing the rally boys. Never seem to be organized or leave enough time for myself to get it done though.

    • There`s no excuse David.Just had a look on Ryanair and it`s £36 return Prestwick to Malaga for a week in late January.!
      The area to the north of Velez Malaga / Nerja is beautiful and you can walk all day without seeing a soul.The rock formations in the Sierra de Torcal are a photographers dream.On you go 🙂

  3. Where the Fatdog Walks says:

    Not a bit of bog in sight! I rather liked the look of that walk Alex…the bit about the cable car helped I have to admit 😀 . Quite envious of that sunshine too.

    I notice that you have yet to set up a “gay dogging sites of Spain” category for the blog. 😉

  4. McEff says:

    That’s cheered me up on a grey and windy Boxing Day, Alex. I love walking in Spain. Now I’m going to get the maps out and start planning.

    • I like it too Alen,mainly because it`s sunny 🙂 Had a look at your Mulhacen entry a few months ago and quite fancy that some time in the near future.
      £36 return right now from Prestwick to Malaga from the 18th to 25th January if you are interested 🙂

  5. I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper than holidaying here that’s for sure! And it must be nice to get almost permanent good weather for walking – although some of those skies looked dramatically threatening!

    And fancy going all that way to pick up a European bird 😉

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