Loughrigg Fell and Great Mell Fell.

8th/9th October 2011.

Been busy working on my house for the past month so time to catch up πŸ™‚

Well,we done the right thing in heading off on Friday morning for Helvellyn. It was a miserable morning at Coniston with a howling wind and driving rain.The Youth Section of the club charged off into the clag intent on doing the round from the Old Man of Coniston to Wetherlam while the Elderly Section ( more sensible if you prefer ) opted to go for a drive to find something more amenable.

Coming downhill into Skelwith Bridge the area surrounding Loughrigg Fell seemed to be escaping the worst of the weather so we took a left turn and parked outside the hotel there.John was practically brought up in this area by his parents spending weekends and holidays in the Lakes so we let him take the map and Bob and I had a leisurely day following behind him.

On through a maze of paths we went commenting on just how different it is down here.It`s nice to see fields that are taken care of and worked,the drystone walls are amazing and the wildlife totally different to Scotland.Scotland,as you know,has a reputation for being reserved by nature.Things are different down here πŸ™‚

My Little Pony

Thanks to Bob for the pic.

Through more fields and round Loughrigg Tarn and still the rain stayed away…

Mist on the hills

The clouds were hanging over Langdale…


Langdale again

A steep well made path led us directly up to the summit.

Loughrigg Fell

Still no rain whatsoever πŸ™‚

We took the long way back by descending towards Grasmere..

John above Grasmere

…and then heading back via the cave at Rydal where we sat and had a bite to eat.
John and I entering the cave..

Rydal cave entrance

Pic by Bob.

Bob in the cave entrance…

Rydal cave

A circuitious route back over the hill visiting Ivy Crag had us back in time for a visit to the gear shops in Ambleside followed by a fish supper and then back to the hut.

Coppermine Cottage

Craig telling jokes to an appreciative audience at Coppermines…

Given the weather we reckon we done ok.
The next day was worse πŸ™‚

With the option of Skiddaw or coming with Bob and I John joined us again.The torrential rain and mist ruled out any bigger hills so we opted for a quick leg stretch and a new Marilyn for yours truly and raced up Great Mell Fell before stopping off to have a look at yet another Bruce`s Cave outside Ecclefechan on the way up the M74.I wouldn`t waste your time visiting it πŸ™‚

For what it`s worth have a pic from Great Mell Fell πŸ™‚

Great Mell Fell

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6 Responses to Loughrigg Fell and Great Mell Fell.

  1. Looks like the ‘sensible/wiser’ faction had the better day on Loughrigg. Dry, and with time to visit the gear shops! I take it you didn’t succomb to buying anything you didn’t really need then? Actually, I can’t believe just how many gear shops there are in Ambleside…

  2. I`m a disciple of Bob with respect to gear in that if we stick to going up hills in nice sunny weather then we don`t need the latest Β£300 waterproofs πŸ™‚
    I can tell you Chrissie that they were doing a roaring trade due to the rain.!

  3. writesofway says:

    Talking of Marilyns, when are you off to Scarba then, Alex?

    • A.When the sunshine comes back around.
      B.When I have some spare cash .
      C.When I can talk a few folk into going to share the cost :).

      Did you see that the RET tariff that has seen a reduction in ferry prices to the Outer Hebrides over the last few years has been granted to Islay,Jura and Colonsay as of next October ? Arran is to follow in 2013.

      Any news on Biggar yet ? Willing to give you a hand to help in any way if needed πŸ™‚

      • writesofway says:

        Hey Alex, I may be up for going back to Scarba at some point myself…

        Hadn’t seen about the RET tariff, but that’s great news.

        The news on Biggar is that we decided at length not to go for it. Discovering that two of the last remaining Conservative councillors in Scotland represent the townsfolk was the nail in the coffin of this particular enterprise. Thanks for your offer of help Alex, will bear it in mind when we do get somewhere – we may come up with a package…

        A frosty walk in the Southern Uplands at some point in the near future if you’re game?

  4. Bit late in seeing this Pete.Bob,myself and a friend are going down to do the Swatte Fell to Saddle Yoke horseshoe tomorrow. Will mail you..

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