Blackcraig Hill and Blacklorg Hill.

16th October 2011

I thought this new blog might rekindle my enthusiasm for posting again but afraid not Still have a long weekend in the Lake District to catch up on but,in order to keep things moving along,here`s a quick one from a few weeks ago.We try to keep the petrol costs under control nowadays so no more day trips to Lochnagar,Aviemore,Ardgour and the like 🙂

Today we we kept it down to a couple of gallons by heading down to Glen Afton for a jaunt up Blackcraig Hill.It was yet another grey morning outside and Bob was wanting to speed east away from the cloud rather than south west towards it but it was meant to be better later.It had picked up a bit by the time we parked the car at Blackcraig farm and our mood lightened in response as the clag lifted to reveal the hills.

Craigbraneoch Rig from above Blackcraig farm…

Craigbraneoch Rig

In fact it was turning out better than the forecasters had predicted which is unusual….

View back down from Quintin Knowe..

North east from Quintin Knowe

We turned right up the ridge towards the summit and were glad we hadn`t headed east after all.

The Lowther hills with attendant cloud cover….

Lowther hills to the east

Bob at the summit. The nasty cloud done the decent thing and moved of to the east 🙂

Blackcraig summit

After last weeks superb day on Striding Edge Bob was finding these rounded hills a bit on the boring side so he headed off back down for a walk in the glen while I took the opportunity of adding another Donald and headed over to Blacklorg Hill.
Looking back to Blackcraig Hill…

Looking back to Blackcraig Hill

I would have liked to continue on to Meikledodd but it was in the wrong direction and I didn`t want to keep Bob waiting too long.I did linger for 10 minutes though.

Glenwhargen crag with Queensberry in the background…

Glenwhargen Crag and Queensberry

Unknown to me at the time Writes of Way was about 4 miles away from me in this direction around this time 🙂

I turned round and headed back over towards Cannock Hill and then down the new track alongside the Craig Burn…

Craig burn descent

…where I found Bob lying by the side of the road.In the old days I would have just assumed that he was pissed again but we are both getting on a bit nowadays and are a bit more respectable.Most of the time anyway…

Looking back up from the road to the col between Blacklorg and Cannock …

The days three hills

Not a hill day to set the heart beating with excitement perhaps but I always enjoy the solitude in these parts.As usual not another soul to be seen all day.

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6 Responses to Blackcraig Hill and Blacklorg Hill.

  1. writesofway says:

    They are lovely hills indeed, in their own quiet way. As you say, you’ll normally not see another soul all day. Myself and TLF did a loop from Polskeoch early in the year, taking in Blacklorg, Meikledodd and Blackcraig, but, horror of horrors, we saw two whole other people! It was the weekend though and they were together and they did look as if they’d got it bad…

    It was obviously due to the Bluesky vibe that the hills above Glenmanna stayed cloud free that day. Thanks.

  2. swanscot says:

    Lovely photos of your day’s walk. This is not an area I’ve walked in, but it looks interesting.

    I know what you mean about being conscious of keeping petrol use down. No longer do we jump in the car and drive several hundred miles round trip just for one thing – ie just to visit a friend, attend a gig or do one hill – but tend to leave it until we can combine several things in a weekend.

    • That`s what we try to do also Sheila.
      I don`t have any friends,I`m too old to go to gigs and I`m no longer capable of doing more than one hill though so it`s a bit harder trying to combine things 🙂

  3. I just love your landscape photos and those clouds over the Lowther Hills are magnificent. (I may as well come clean right now and admit to being a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.)

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