Mor Bheinn.

20th August 2011.

As usual for this awful summer we had to  chase the weather today and made our mind up at the last minute to head up to Mor Bheinn near Comrie.It was a bit of a mixed bag forecast wise for most areas but it ended up ok in the end in the Comrie area. We really do have to update our maps though.My OS sheet for this area is from the early 70`s and as far as paths and forestry are concerned it`s way out of date.This accounted for the false start 🙂

We parked at the  power station at NN742220 and walked back down the road to the entrance to Aberuchill Castle.A locked gate presented itself here.A quick bypass on the left and we were walking up the track towards the castle but it was pretty obvious to us we were not on the right of way as we were going to end up on the front doorstep at this rate.I`d read somewhere that there had been attempts to block or deny access to the RoW`s hereabouts in the past and as we didn`t want our hill  day ruined by a bit of argy bargy at the start we cut up into the edge of the woods at Bobs  instigation.We eventually followed a stream downhill to link up with the land rover track that seems  to be the accepted way onto the hill.Quite an interesting wee stretch down a little private walkway  to get there…

Walkway at Abruchill Castle.

Now ensconced on the right track we headed uphill.We seemed to be in a funny mood,not quite a “cannae be bothered” mood but not far off it.As a result we numerous breaks and  felt like we were getting nowhere as a result.The track went on uphill for what seemed like ages….

Track above Tomanour.


…before it eventually became  more pleasing to the eye after rounding the corner at Dun Dubh.

Rounding the corner of Dun Dubh.

On reaching the end of the track at the old mine spoil heap we had an extended lunch stop and took time out to  grumble  about the state of our knees etc; I managed somehow or other to get a big smudge on my lens here 😦 The rest of the pics might look a bit out of sorts as I`ve had to crop them all to get rid of it.

There has been a lot of money spent recently on this estate on mile upon mile of new fencing and we were glad to see a stile giving access to the hill above just where it was needed.Our lethargy had disappeard by now and we made good time up to just below the summit where we met the only other person of the day.It always cheers us up to meet somebody older than ourselves on the hill and we had a good blether about knees and the like 🙂

Looking back west over Beinn Dearg to Ben Vorlich in the distance…

Looking over Beinn Dearg to Ben Vorlich.

I had assumed that the diagonal line we had taken would land us somewhere on the upper slopes of Mor Bheinn but,as usual,we hadn`t looked at the map all day and instead found ourselves on the summit  of nearby Ben Halton .As Bob had already been up Mor Bheinn the lazy git opted  to stay here and have a short kip in the warm sunshine whilst I was left to contemplate the reascent to Mor Bheinn on my own.I set off after agreeing to meet him on the descent of the east ridge of Ben Halton.It looked a lot further than it was.Everything looks a lot further as the years go by 🙂

Nearing the summit…

Mor Bheinn summit.

Zoomed shot looking down to St.Fillans and Loch Earn…

St.Fillans from Mor Bheinn.

I could easily have spent an hour or so lounging around in the warm sunshine but didn`t want to keep Bob hanging around too long. I made a diagonal descent to the east ridge of Ben Halton where the boy himself was waiting refreshed by his wee summit kip 🙂 From there we made our way down to a new forestry track,new to our ancient maps that is,and soon we rejoined the outward route at Tomanour.

Zoomed shot over the fields to Crieff ten miles in the distance….

Crieff from Ben Halton.

With a visit to the biomechanical gait specialist due in four days time I had decided to give the sore foot a right good testing today and in addition to taking the longer route, I was wearing big boots for the first time since the snows of last winter.They were by now exacting a cruel toll on my foot and I was reduced to borrowing Bob`s pole at one stage.On reaching the road I took a grateful seat on the verge and watched the world go by for half an hour whilst Bob set off on the walk back to the car. 🙂

On doing a bit of Googling on my return it would seem we might have made the right choice in avoiding an argument with the new owner of Aberuchill estate as well as being the richest man in Russia he also seems to like shooting things  🙂

Have a look at this article here for an insight into Scottish estates and millionaires. Thanks go to this excellent blog here for the link.

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4 Responses to Mor Bheinn.

  1. says:

    Makes me itch to get back out after being cooped up this week, Alex. The right of way starts further south than the power station…I found the sign on Google Earth when I looked at this hill last winter.
    You mentioned a stile…has it wide steps that Maisie could get over…or is it possible to “toss” her over? I might have to take it off my list otherwise.

    Great links…absolutely fascinating in fact.

  2. It`s a 6 foot fence Ken and a steep one. We came down an easy way which is dog friendly though.Take the RoW and just a wee bit after Tomanour a new track ( not on my Anquet so probably not on the OS map either ) branches off to the right.Follow this and it contours round by the wooded section shown on the map.From where it ends you can ascend the east ridge of Ben Halton or go up part of the way and contour round to the col for Mor Bheinn.Nice wee hill and good views down to Loch Earn. Only problem might be on the walk up to Tomanour there were literally hundreds of pheasants around that may tempt a hungry labrador 🙂

  3. I’d have had a bloody good lounge and made the bugger wait after he didn’t come with you! 😉

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