Glenrath Heights and Stob Law.

The morning forecast was pretty good but a front was due to arrive early in the afternoon so we took a short jaunt down to the Manor valley just south of Peebles to tidy up a couple of my remaining Donalds in that region.
Sure enough it was a fine morning to be out…

The entrance to the Manor Valley.

Parking places were at a premium hereabouts.I had heard that you could get permission to leave the car up at Glenrath Farm but as it was early on a Sunday morning we just carried on until we found a place up past the old hill fort marked MacBeth`s Castle on the OS map.A walk back down the road and through Glenrath Castle and on up the land rover track towards Glenrathope.

Track to Glenrathope.

We skirted round the small plantation on the north and on up the broad west ridge of Glenrath Heights.

View back to Glenrathope.

Further up we met the heather….

Heather on Glenrath Heights.

I`m afraid it was all pretty much downhill from then on though.The wind got up a bit and it turned cold and for some reason our hearts just didn`t seem to be in it today.We traversed some boggy ground to let me get the trig on Hundleshope Heights and then retraced our steps to Broom Hill and the northerly spur to Stob Law,the other Donald.

Spur out to Stob Law.

From the summit we made a beeline back down to the land rover track….

Walking off Stob Law with Dollar Law in the distance.

…..and this is where my sore foot finally became too much to bear.I`d suffered it for a year but the walk back up to the car was absolute torture..!

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