Greenside Law,Cramalt Craig and Clockmore.

The price of petrol has curtailed our trips to further afield nowadays unless it`s for a few days or more to get the most out of it.Until the Chancellor takes pity on us I thought I might as well turn it to my advantage and get back to a spot of Donald bagging.It`s only 60 miles down to the Megget reservoir and there were still a few hill days to be had there.Nice part of the country it is too and the drive up past the Talla reservoir to Meggethead could have you thinking you were in the Lakes or the Highlands.Me likey 🙂

The hairpins at the head of Talla are like a mini Bealach na Ba at Applecross,almost Alpine.
Then along the banks of the Megget to park at the viewpoint near Craigierig farm where the Right of Way over to the Manor Valley and Peebles starts.We followed the RoW up to the high point and then turned west to the first Donald of the day,Greenside Law,an innocuous little top.So much so in fact that Bob snorted with derision when informed 🙂 Steeply down to the col below Shielhope Head where we picked up a path of sorts which we left momentarily to go over the top of Notman Law.We debated whether or not to nip out to Dollar Law but as we had been up it a few times in the past we opted to save our knees and turned south over Dun Law towards Cramalt Craig.We met two folk from Motherwell here who were even older than us and were both in possesion of the much coveted free bus pass 🙂

Bob was a bit cheesed off when I pointed out that the miniscule pimple over in the distance was truly a mighty Donald awaiting a bagging from me so we headed to the south east towards the towering summit of Clockmore. Bit of a lie there but we did head off to the south east..that bit is true 🙂

It had brightened up a bit by now so we took a few photos..

Looking back to Cramalt Craig and Dollar Law from Clockmore.


Descending Cramalt Craig.


Coming off Clockmore with the Megget resrvoir below and St.Mary`s Loch in the distance…

Descending Clockmore.

It had turned out a lovely evening by now and the first time this year that there had been real heat from the sun 🙂

The Megget Reservoir.


Sheep dip.

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