A mountaineering club weekend away at the Smiddy,a smashing climbing hut which lies at the foot of An Teallach.I was in two minds what to do but thought I`d let the weather decide for me in the morning.An excellent day and it would be the traverse of An Teallach and anything other than perfection and I`d bag one of my few remaining Corbetts in this area.It was pretty mixed in the morning and not enought to persuade me up An Teallach which deserves a perfect day.I`d done a winter ascent many years ago back in the eighties.Here`s an old slide scan of two guys in front of us having lunch perched on Lord Berkeleys Seat…

Some of the young bucks had already left before dawn for the ridge but the wiser old heads,given the forecast for high winds, opted instead to head up to Assynt for a walk up Breabag and a visit to the Bone Caves.We pulled over for a photo at the old bothy of Fain on the Destitution road.I`d slept in this many years ago when it was in not too bad condition but the sheep have managed access nowadays and the windows have gone.Stunning location though ๐Ÿ™‚

An Teallach from Fain…

The weather didn`t seem to be capable of making it`s mind up as to what to do.The drive up through Ullapool towards Breabag had rain,sleet,snow and sunshine.

Start of the walk up the Allt nan Uamh…

Further up the glen..

Inย  between the showers there were some good views…even a wee bit of sunshine.


Hills of Assynt..

Further up it became a bit wild and I put away the camera ๐Ÿ™‚

Ten minutes at the top was enough for us so we turned tail and headed back down for a look at the caves.

Had our lunch here and watched the snow showers drift by….

Bob had done a bit of caving in his earlier years including the deepest one in Scotland,the Cave of the Skulls.In an attempt to recapture the spirit of his youth he had a go at linking the two caves up via a tight squeeze of a tunnel….

Alas,the intervening years had either seen the cave shrink or his waistline expand ๐Ÿ˜‰

Leaving the caves..

Driving by Stac Pollaidh on the road back to the Smiddy..


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