Trahenna Hill and Quothquan Law.

Nothing to promising weatherwise today so we decided to stay local and low.A quick jaunt down to the Biggar area for Trahenna Law with Bob and John K.
The summits were clear and it didn`t rain but there was a baltic wind which is why there isn`t even a summit pic.
We parked in the community hall car park on the edge of the village and then took the track up to Broughton Place.I`m sure this is a misprint and should be Broughton Palace as it it is one huge pile of a country house.

Wandered up the glen ….

…and then took the shoulder up to Hammer Head and followed the ridge around to the cairn.You can see Bob protecting his face from the cold wind in this pic….

Ten minutes in a nook below the summit was enough for us and we headed off due south to have a look at the old fort for a while before following what seemed to be an old railway line back along the banks of the River Tweed to Broughton. Scotland acted the pig once more and as we arrived back at the car the sun came out 🙂 Not wanting to waste it we wondered what to do.A few years ago I had watched the sunset from Quothquan Law and suggested we do the same again.

The River Clyde snakes it`s way northwards from  Quothquan Law…..

John at the top waiting for the sunset..

Alas,after some nice late evening light the sunset didn`t really turn out to be anything special.

Sun sets behind Tinto….

So,it was time we headed for home….

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