Binnein an Fhidhleir.

It`s not been a great start to the year weatherwise so here`s a short trip report from January.

Gavin,Bob and I took a wee trip up to Arrochar for an ascent of Binnein an Fhidhleir.It`s an ideal area for the shorter January days as it`s only an hours drive from the house.To tell the truth we weren`t exactly sure where we were going until we arrived there.Bob fancied Beinn Narnain,I fancied a Graham down by Lochgoilhead and Gavin didn`t seem to give a hoot where he went….we somehow ended up at the bottom of the west ridge of Fhidhleir as it reaches down to Loch Fyne.It was a dry day but a bit too much greyness around for our liking although the forecast promised a brighter spell by lunchtime.It was a day for nattering away to each other and we wandered up the ridge hands in pockets in no rush.We could have taken the usual way up via a quick flog from Butterbridge but,as I say,we were in no rush and opted for the longer ascent.

Looking back down to Loch Fyne on the ascent…

Further on up Beinn an Lochain was almost opposite us…

The promised weather window never seemed to materialise although it kept threatening.The Paps of Jura and the hills of Mull were visible but a wee bit hazy and not worth getting the camera out.
The nearby Arrochar Alps were the main focus of interest.

Gavin and Beinn Ime….

The view over to Loch Restil and the Rest and Be Thankful….

A sheltered spot out of the bitter wind for lunch and then we headed back to the car the way we had came.The prospect of a visit to the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar had Gavin salivating as we neared the road and we accompanied him around the shop as he loaded up with obscure cheeses.Gavin takes great delight in bagging smelly cheeses and compiles a bagging list I think of the worlds best/worst top ten πŸ™‚

Worlds smelliest cheese

He was reminiscing on the way home about the time Steve and him tried their hand at the worlds worst smelling food……. the durian .

Apparently Steve`s wife was not at all amused and had to vacate the house with the kids πŸ™‚

Loch Fyne…

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