Pico Jabalcuza and Monte Palomas.

A £20 inc. tax return to Malaga was too much to ignore 🙂  I was staying in Benalmadena with my sister  in law whilst my dad and his pal,preferring a more active clubbing style of nightlife headed for the fleshpots further west in Fuengirola 🙂  I`ve been here that many times that I have fallen into a routine. I wander down to the beach for sunrise….

…have a walk and buy a couple of rolls and The Guardian on the way back home and have breakfast in front of the pool and admire the Sierra Nevada in  the distance…

Then I have a think about what hill to go up.I had never been up the hills to the East of Benalmadena so decided to take a toddle up there.I couldn`t find any decent maps so imprinted the Google Earth image into my brain and headed off one fine morning quite early.As I suspected the hardest part of the day was to actually reach the bottom of the hill.From the station at El Pinillo I wandered through an industrial estate up to the motorway and traversed alongside that until I found an underpass which took me to the entrance to a quarry and a route up the hills.
Following my nose I went through a gap in a fence which seemed to go in the right direction.After 100 metres there was complete silence thank God.The hole in the fence seemed to serve the local builders with a ready made access point to fly tip their rubbish as after five minutes I came all sorts of debris.Never mind though…the hills beckoned…

As the natural approach to the hills I had hoped to find a path and indeed I did…

Further up the glen…

I wandered slowly up enjoying the contrast to the coast below.There were loads of flocks of brightly coloured little birds but try as I did I couldn`t get close to them for an ID.A couple of hours seen me up on the ridge itself where a signpost indicated that Pico Jabalcuza was a mere 2km away to the east.Wanting to extend the day however I first of all went over to Monte Palomas.The weather up to now had been great but the cloud came down on the way to the summit.Nothing as bad as winter in Scotland however 🙂 A mega trig point stood at the high point….

I hung around for half an hour and eventually the sun came back out as I left to go over to Pico Jabalcuza.The terrain underfoot was a mixture of limestone and scrub and very dry which was just as well as I only had a pair of trainers with me.

Pico Jabalcuza with Alhaurin el Grande down below…

The going underfoot along the ridge…

Summit trig on Jabalcuza

I spent a few hours up here just enjoying the peace and quiet and had a wee snooze into the bargain 🙂

The mist was still clinging to the ridge over towards Mount Calamorro…more of a heat haze really.
Self timer on the trig…

A night out on the tiles with my 89 year old dad and Freddie in Fuengirola and a day up in Mijas were the only other things of note in the five days.


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