Dun Rig,Birkscairn Hill and Deuchar Law.

Time for a jaunt down to the Borders again before the winds of winter strip the last leaves from the trees.As usual, a bit of thought had to be applied to satisfy our different objectives.A hill for me and something interesting for Bob.I`d noticed an interesting looking wooded glen south of Innerleithen that looked like it might provide a bit of colour for Bob.It also had the advantage of a few hills on either side.It`s usually about an hours drive from my house to Peebles but it took over two hours this morning as Bob was stopping every few minutes to take photos.

Early morning mist burns off Tinto.

The rolling Border hills were looking at their best in the early morning light…..

Even the sheep seemed unconcerned about the approach of winter and were enjoying a bit of breakfast…

Usual Co-op stop in Peebles for grub and papers and on to Innerleithen before turning south on the B709 for a few miles to the entrance to the Glen.We parked at the Private Road sign leading up to The Birks as this would let us have an easy uphill start on a good path for a circuit over Birkscairn Hill and along the ridge to Dun Rig.It was pleasant enough walking up to Birkscairn Hill itself and the sun was warm enough to allow us the luxury of consigning the jackets to the rucksacs.

Looking back down on Innerleithen from the slopes of Birkscairn Hill with the Moorfoot hills in the background….

The least said about the next few miles along the ridge the better.! The weather was playing ball but the conditions underfoot were pretty grim.Squelchy bog and sodden peat hags needed threading all the way and it didn`t help that we were both in lightweight summer boots still . A cold wind was blowing at the summit of Dun Rig and we didn`t hang around,not even for a photo.We made a bee line down to the south west aiming for Whiteknowe Head.We stopped here for a minute to discuss what to do next.Bob went off down the narrow defile towards Loch Eddy for pics and I carried on to the east up to the summit of Deuchar Law,the idea being to meet up further down the glen.More heather bashing up to the top and it took a while to find the couple of stones marking the high point.

Looking back over towards Dun Rig from the slopes of Deuchar Law.The bothy at Glenshiel Banks at the bottom….

Loch Eddy nestling in the upper reaches of the glen….

Bob had been pottering around enjoying himself up at the loch and as I was down first I worked my way back up the glen  to meet him…..

From here it was a pleasant stroll for a few miles in the late afternoon sun down the glen passing a few memorials to late departed members of the Tennant family and down an impressive tree lined avenue  back to the car….

Passing Glen house just before reaching the car….

Top day out and for once I enjoyed Bob`s bits more than the hills.!

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