Cademuir Hill.

The forecast was absolutely awful the previous evening and I declined the oportunity of a day out when Bob phoned.The prospect of a day stuck inside however had me calling him back early next morning.! The chart predicted an easing off of the rain by early afternoon in the Borders area so we headed south down the M74 to see what the day would bring.We headed up the road from Moffat towards St.Mary`s Loch hoping that it would dry up and let me bag the Marilyn called The Wiss.It was really throwing it down when Bob pulled over into the Grey Mare`s Tail carpark and announced that today was a great opportunity to talk a walk up to the waterfall πŸ™‚

The Grey Mare`s Tail in July 2007 from the summit of Andrewhinney Hill opposite…

Grey Mares Tail

On getting out the car and bracing myself against the wind and rain I decided it was indeed a “great opportunity” for him and I retired back into the comfort of the car with the newspaper.The car park was empty needless to say as he disappeared upwards into the clag.He returned about 40 minutes later with the news that the path had been washed away just below the falls πŸ™‚

We pulled into the carpark by the tearoom link at St.Mary`s loch and had a look at the statue to James Hogg,the Ettrick shepherd.

Statue of James Hogg at St.Mary`s Loch.

Loch of the Lowes and East Muchra Hill…

Loch of the Lowes and East Murcha Hill.

Any enthusiasm I had for hillwalking was diminishing rapidly by this time.A decision was reached that we`d just drive up to the Peebles area and if the promised weather gap hadn`t materialised by then we`d head home.A big thumbs up to the MWIS link folk for sure as hell by the time we reached Peebles the sun was indeed shining.What to do though… was too late in the day for a biggish hill walk.A look at the map and Cademuir Hill stood out as a nearby Marilyn that I had still to tick and a decent hill fort on the opposite summit which looked as if it would provide good views to boot.What I neglected to mention to Bob at the time was that the true summit of Cademuir Hill was hidden in a forestry plantation πŸ™‚

This area is well supplied with signposts and seems to be pretty walker friendly.We followed the sign for the John Buchan Way on a nice grassy path and soon gained a bit of height.Looking back to Peebles….


The sun was out now but the wind was still gusting like billy-o.Quite a few other parties were out and it made a change for us actually meeting other folk on a hill.We wandered along the ridge towards the 407 metre top and had a seat at the old hill fort while we watched the sun dance over Pykestone Hill on the other side of the valley..

Pykestone Hill and the Manor Water from Cademuir Hill.

As we headed back along the ridge to the highest point I felt it only proper to mention to Bob that it lay inside the large sitka spruce plantation we were heading towards πŸ™‚Β  Nothing seems to faze the boy however and he strode on regardless.Over a fence and then it proved hard going over fallen trees and slimy branches.We usually pick hills for the views but there was zilch here.! I was doubting whether we find the true summit but by following our noses we ended up almost on top of it.This was lucky because you couldn`t see the cairn from more than 5 or 6 yards away.A peregrine saluted our achievment by doing a fly past as we had a bite to eat there.

Summit of Cademuir Hill

On the way back we stopped as usual to see a friend who lives in a field outside the village of Newbigging…..

Hissy fit.

Not much of a day for views but it was good to get out somewhere and retrieve something from the trip.

Start of the John Buchan Way above Peebles.

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