Holy Island,Arran.

A car journey,a ferry,a bus and then another ferry and we were still only forty miles away from home as the crow flies.This trip would probably be better done Monday to Saturday as the feries depart Ardrossan for Brodick a bit earlier.

Holy Island from the ferry to Brodick.

Holy Island from the Arran ferry.

A delay on the bus to accomodate a bunch of golfers meant that we missed the connecting fery from Lamlash to Holy Island  and had to endure an hours wait for the next one.Not that it was any great misfortune to stroll about Lamlash in the sun,just that it meant less time on Holy Island.

Looking back to Lamlash fromthe Holy Island ferry.


It`s about 15 minutes across in the small ferry and on arrival one of the Buddhist volunteers gives  a small talk and asks that you observe a few small “rules” which to be honest are just common sense. A note to dog owners…they are not welcome on the island. Ehm,the dogs that is,not the owners 🙂  We followed a well made path to the west and through the trees before breaking out onto the open hillside after a few hundred feet and the views over to the main Arran ridge appeared to the north west.

Ben Nuis to Cir Mhor.

Goat Fell.

Unless you have had a look at the contours on the map you`d be surprised as to how steep a wee hill it is.
Bob on top of Mullach Beag looking ahead to the summit.

Mullach Mor,Holy Island.

Looking down on the the lighthouse at the southern end of the island…

Holy Island Inner Lighthouse.

Can`t really remember how long the ascent took but it can`t have been more than an hour.We guessed we could spare about 45 minutes on top and still have time to see the rest of the island before the ferry left.Fabulous 360 degree views to be had…

Summit of Mullach Mor,Holy Island.

The path off down Creag Liath is considerably steeper thean the northern approach and some folk were using their hands at certain points.Along the way we passed several area that were roped off with iron stakes and rope,the reason being that there are a few deep rock crevices hereabouts. Back down at the main path  took a left turn to visit the unusual square lighthouse…

Pillar Rock lighthouse.

The coastline to the north of here was pretty steep and impressive and looked like it might be possible to do a coastal traverse ,tides permitting,on a subsequent visit.The walk back to the ferry down the gentler west coast was enlivened by the rocks featuring buddhist paintings.

Buddhist artwork.

Loads of intricate balanced stone sculptures and friendly wild goats.


We caught the second last ferry and landed back in Lamlash about 16.30pm.As the next ferry back to Ardrossan wasn`t until 19.20 we thought we would walk it back to Brodick via the coast to Claughlands Pointand then over the hills and down to Brodick.Looking back to Holy Island from the coastal path near Clauchlands Point.This would save us the £1.70 bus fare as well 🙂

Steep east face of Holy Island.

Clouds over Holy Island.

Bob had been round this way before and had told me of the unusual aspect of the Arran hills that would present itself.It made a change for me to actually see them as a complete range rather than being up on the ridge itself.Goat Fell came into view….

Goat Fell from Clauchlands Point.

Goat Fell from the Clauchland hills.

Cir Mhor sticking up behind Goat Fell.

All that was left was a walk down the road in the warm evening sunshine…..

Nearing Brodick.

…….and into Brodick.First stop was the fish and chip shop and then the ferry home.

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