East Cairn Hill.

A very similar day to last week.A flattish moorland walk for a few miles into our chosen hill,a quick ascent on a glorious day followed by something unusual in the afternoon of which more later from Bob πŸ™‚

Having to stay within easy reach of Glasgow again we decided on Saturday morning to head for the Pentlands,East Cairn Hill this time.South from Livingston and through Kirknewton to the A70 and then south west to the car park at Little Vantage.The sun was shining on a perfect morning as we headed across the moor on a frozen path.

Start of the path…

We get closer…

2 1/2 miles along Bob suddenly veered up the nose of the hill thwarting my plan of an easy ascent from the col.We alternated between the path and the frozen snowfields…..

West Cairn Hill in the background….

…..and were soon at the 564 metre top which sports a rather large cairn.We spent a good half hour inside this sheltering from the wind and figuring out the landmarks along with a local guy from West Calder.

Bob at the summit cairn….

The usual bank of cloud hung over the hills to the north of the Central Belt…

View to the main part of the Pentland ridge …..

Having forgotten my jacket in the rush earlier this morning I was beginning to feel cold so left Bob nattering away and set off to the high point about 1/2 mile to the south east.The planned climb over to West Cairn Hill was now abandonded as there was no way I was gever going to heat up again in the wind.So we set off directly down the way we had come up and were soon back at the car.

Heading down the snow….

We then set out for our “mystery” destination stopping only briefly for a last pic of the hill and yours truly to get the blood coursing through his veins again by bagging the Camilty Hill trig point πŸ™‚

Looking back to East Cairn Hill over the frozen Harperrig Reservoir….

East Cairn Hill

A cracking spell of weather recently and this day was no exception…..

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